Philosophy of Wu Tian

“Wu” is the first word taken from the term “Wu Shu” which translates to “martial arts” in English. On its own, it stands for fierce, valiant and miliary. “Tian”, the second component of the name, means “sky”.

“Martial Arts” is only an umbrella term for thousands of fighting styles and combat practices out there. Enriched with history, culture and tradition, the discipline is constantly being re-defined, branched out and improved. The world of martial arts has much to offer and there is no limit to learning. Hence, our name is rooted in the belief: With Martial Arts, Sky's the limit.

Meet Our Founder

Sifu Jai qualified as a specialist Martial Art Instructor in 2000 with over seventeen years teaching experience in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and East Asia

Sifu Jai is an expert in Jiu Jitsu and trained in Judo with the Hong Kong National Judo Team and Hong Kong’s Police Force.

She has also taken on Judo, Kickboxing, BJJ, Krav Maga and Kung Fu (Wing Chun) in pursuit of being an all-rounded martial artist. She has since competed diversely and won first place in Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA (mixed martial art) and BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu).


  • We encourage

    We encourage our students to experiment and play around with different techniques or a combination of techniques from a diversity of martial art disciplines.

  • We support

    We support students to find their own martial art style by introducing wide ranging martial art skills

  • We respect differences and diversity

    We believe there is something worthy to learn from each of the arts. We respect differences and diversity.


 Sifu Jai Chan Background

For many years, I have been active in volunteering and charity work. The nature of the work involved in helping and teaching martial arts to people from all kinds of background: victims of domestic abuse, women’s health group, LGBT community, paralympic wheelchair racer, deaf children summer camps and refugee kids martial art project sponsored by the Irish Government for three years. Naturally, I was exposed to some of the problems you see when you work alongside those who have gone through mishaps and in them, I feel strongly that everybody is equal and deserves equal opportunity. I found that my self-defence classes had the effect of empowering my student in mind and body and helping them put their differences aside. The experience gave me a definite sense of purpose. Since then, it has fueled my determination to set up a martial art institute. This institute is founded on the love for martial arts and the idea of equality. Martial Art should be accessible to everybody and my classes will reflect that. I hope my students keep an open mind and discrimination shall not be tolerated.”


Become a Black Belt

Sifu Jai is committed to guide you to achieving a Black Belt in Martial Arts.

We believe progress is very important and should be measured to motivate students to reach their goals. Wutian Martial Art Institute uses an eight tiered belt system to encourage our students to improve and thrive, with plenty of training and healthy competitions.

Achieving Level 8 (Black Belt) and beyond is what students should ultimately aim for. It reflects skill and determination from committed practice and dedication.


Private Lessons

For students who want to see intensive progression with their fitness and training, Sifu Jai offers individual, one to one lessons to the most talented Martial Artists.

She also offers small group lessons for up to four students of similar skill and ability, which are both practical and challenging

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The world of martial arts has much to offer and there is no limit to learning.